Americorps nccc Overview

Below are brochures and portfolios I project managed throughout my service year. This included a lot of written content, photography and design that was to introduce my team (brochures) and then summarize and highlight the team’s projects. This included project accomplishments, and to be utilized by future teams (portfolios). These were always completed under a strict deadline while completing over 50 plus service hours every week. You could say I got really good at time-management!


Round 1

Round 1 was located in Brandenburg, KY which is 40 minutes outside of Louisville, KY. My team and I worked on a YMCA Camp for 2 months completing various projects such as trail building, painting community buildings and doors, taking on leaderships roles as Camp Counselors, brush burning and wood chopping, and more! Being my first round as a Corps Member I was a first timer at project managing the brochure and portfolio for the team. I wanted to incorporate one bold color (red) and the rest was to be very natural and match the colors that we were working and living in (the forests of the YMCA camp).

Round 2

Round 2 of AmeriCorps NCCC was all over the state of North Carolina. Deployed to the East Coast in response to the hurricanes we mucked and gutted homes 14 hours, 6 days a week with A-DRT (AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team). After completing out time on disaster we finished up the round with NPS (National Park Service) on Ocracoke Island in NC where we were repairing picnic tables, dumpster fences and painting. The multiple projects required me to create 2 portfolios; the brochure and the first portfolio I wanted to create a minimalist theme with clean lines. For the second portfolio I was experimenting with fading and overlapping photos.

Round 3

The shortest round for the the team was in Punta Gorda, FL. Working with Habitat for Humanity Charlotte County, it was 80 degree weather—we were not complaining. During this project we were able to learn the ins and outs of constructing a new build home for members of the community. In this brochure and portfolio I was going for “beach tones” to fit the aesthetic we were surrounded by.

Round 4

The final round with AmeriCorps NCCC was unique in that I had completed 3 different projects in 3 different states with 2 different teams. So for 2 months there was a lot of bouncing around. As I was moving around to different projects I was not the lead project manager. I designed one brochure while stationed in Washington D.C. I went with clean lines and fades. Excited to incorporate some of my photography from past travels, I implemented that into the brochure as well.