January Summary

As per usual, circumstances are always changing in the lives of an AmeriCorps NCCC Corps Member. Before heading out to our initial project, we were postponed due to the government shutdown. Our top listed project or working with the National Seashore in Pensacola, FL had to be canceled. While figuring out what work we would be doing for the whole round we stayed in Vicksburg, MS.

Receiving a call a couple days later was exciting because we heard we would still be headed to Florida to work with Habitat for Humanity. Many of my team members were interested in construction so this was the perfect opportunity for us to learn some skills to the trade. As we headed down South, adapting the lifestyle of many “snowbirds” from up North, my wintertime became my summertime this January! Assigned to work with Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity in Punta Gorda, Florida the weather was averaged 75 everyday—lucky me.

This round was short but sweet. Only 3 full work weeks, they were my most favorite of my time in AmeriCorps. How I usually measure a great round has to do with type of work, housing, supervisors and proximity to civlization. This round had it all! As my first time working with Habitat for Humanity, I was blown away. The type of work we did was installing j-channel, siding, soffit, and painting for new builds. We also worked on a rehab home where we cleared out deserted items from the previous owner and painted. At this point, it seems Delta 4 has maxed out on painting hours (we have painted…a lot….every round).


Aside from work stuff while in Punta Gorda I was able to enjoy many Açaí bowls, sunsets, humid runs, beach time and a Fox Run reunion with Miss Mary Mack!

Towards the end of the round we were lucky to take part in a wall raising with Habitat. This is one of the beginning (and exciting!) steps to a new build. It is a cool thing to take part in because in the morning the bones of the home are non-existing and then with team effort and a lot of hammering your day ends with motivating progress! After this day of work my hammering accuracy has certainly increased to advance.

Overall it’s safe to say that my time with Habitat for Humanity was enjoyable. I loved the work I was doing and who I was doing it with. Whats next on my agenda? Well…I’ll tell you! I’m headed into my fourth and final round with AmeriCorps NCCC (wow). I’ll first be in Washington D.C. working with the ALVANIA foundation. Their mission is to bridge the gap of social polarization and economic inequality amongst local, national and international communities . Next I’ll be in Memphis, TN working with the IRS to help with people’s taxes, and then third location is Trenton, NJ working with Homefront and their mission is to end homelessness in Central New Jersey by harnessing the caring, resources and expertise of the community. I’m looking forward to the next several months and to really soak in the lessons and experiences that come my way, its been a ride for sure.

If you would like to read more about my project with Habitat for Humanity the portfolio is on my website under ‘misc’ and the sub tab ‘AmeriCorps NCCC projects.’ Additionally I’d love to hear from people and to just catch up! So if you’re reading this email me (shannonlooney17@gmail.com). I would love to hear where you are in life too! More phots from the round below and until next month—au revoir.

Shannon Looney