December Summary

December felt like many countdowns for me. A countdown that would conclude my Round 2 of AmeriCorps, an end of year countdown as its was the last month of 2018 (!!) and my final countdown being the long anticipated trip back to Cleveland, Ohio, that for the first time in 6 months would be a singular venture.

The start of December was my team and I living on an island—Ocracoke Island. I never thought that I would say I lived on an island but now I can and that is pretty neat to say! While enjoying the outer banks and the mild winter weather, we working with Cape Hatteras National Seashore or the National Park Service. Overall a great experience that gave me more insight to their organization and how they function on a day-to-day basis!

Some memories to cap off my time there was climbing the island’s white lighthouse that isn’t even opened to the public and that the island hav many many roaming wild yet still domesticated cats. Aside from the fun on the island I was also informed that I had been accepted to a composite team for early 2019 in Washington D.C! Leaving my permanent team for a month I will be reassigned to a selected temporary team as we work with the Alvania Foundation to research, analyze, and present data to improve the public school system.

Traveling back to Vicksburg, MS was a 2-day adventure that had us stopping in August, Georgia for a night. I always enjoy a long car ride and especially when committing 10-months of my life to traveling I’m happy that I do! Once back in Missisippi I met with my new team and debriefed from the Round 2 project that had us all over the place. During my week back in Mississippi I donated blood for the first time which was a personal goal of mine to do because I was never a fan of needles.

As time usually does, the week in Vicksburg flashed by and I was off to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Looney Bin or in other words my family. It was a wonderful 2 weeks of quality time spent with friends & family. Ringing in the new year in Toledo, OH—I just can’t seem to stay still.

Now onto the next year—Happy 2019 :-)

Shannon Looney